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    I have switched to self-hosted and installed the .org version of wordpress, as well as the jetpack plug in. Could you please help me transfer my old site and users.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    I tagged this post so Staff will transfer your email subscribers for you. Note that followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.


    Thanks so much! How will I know when this has been done?



    If you subscribe to this thread you will be notifed when Staff respond.



    Hi there,

    You can check this documentation page and see if you feel like you can manage the export yourself (it’s pretty easy), or if you need a guided transfer:

    I’m happy to talk you through the steps as well :)

    *Go to Dashboard > Tools
    *Select “Export”
    *Your site will export as an XML file
    *Save this as an XML file to your desktop (or wherever it will be handy)
    *Go to your new .org site, and go to Tools > Import, and select this file.
    *It will upload, and you should be all set there!

    Do not deactivate your blog before everything transfers over. After everything has transferred to your satisfaction, you can safely deactivate your blog (or just set it to “private”).

    Can you let me know of your blog so I can transfer the email subscribers?



    I have already done the export and import. I just need my email subscribers transferred over.



    Is there anything I need to do on my end? How long does the process take? Just curious because I don’t want to put a new post out until I know my audience will receive it. Thanks so much for all your help!



    I have just taken care of this for you.

    Currently, there isn’t a way for you to do this yourself, but adding that capability is something we’re looking at in the future.

    The change should be immediate, so post away!



    OH WOW!! Ok I’m sure this is something you take care of on a regular basis….however I cannot thank you enough! To you it might be a little thing, but people really should stop and realize how much those little things mean. So from me to you, thanks from the bottom of my food blogging heart.



    I’m so glad you’re happy!

    You are very, sincerely welcome :)

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