help trying to fix CSS for IE

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    Hey, so I’m using this blog as a CSS test before I launch my real one. In Firefox, it looks exactly the way I want. But switching to IE, my sidebar gets squished to the bottom.

    I guess this might be a futile help topic, but do you think it’s possible to make IE look like what I have with Firefox or is all my CSS custom changes asking too much for that silly browser? (It just sucks knowing so many people still use IE)



    It’s not your CSS but the size of the images in your posts. If the images are wider than your blogging space (or close to it), IE sends the sidebar to the bottom.



    Okay, yeah I see. I purposely use big images/tables for aesthetic reasons, so I won’t part ways with that. Hrmm.. I guess I’m going to give up IE then.. it’s too bad. Why is FireFox so damn awesome and IE isn’t? heh

    Thanks for the input anyways!


    The maximum image sizes that can be used in the various themes without “breaking the layout” are found here

    I’m also a firefox user but when we tell the truth which is that firefox kicks ass we must remember that the majority of workplaces use IE and many bloggers are stuck with it (poor things).



    Cool, thanks thistime, I knew about that, since I was able to change my content width using CSS (you probably saw the blog with the clipped images when I switch it back–sorry for the confusion, I guess I’ll leave up the “test CSS” up for some hero that can figure it out :) and yeah, again, I made my content width smaller, with the intent of using larger images by allowing overflow:visible just in case you might be wondering


    :) So basically you are waiting for a compassionate geek to give you a hand, eh?
    Let’s put out the call then ;)



    Ha, yeah… :D

    But I feel judy’s answer is what I’ll most likely end up with… (*hopes for supergeek to prove me wrong*!)


    Yup I believe judy has told you what you can do. And I can feel your resistance towards making those large images smaller but I take it that you like playing long shots. ;)



    If you make them really, REALLY small and clickable to enlarge, that will actually help people understand how to use them better. No substitute for being able to display full-sized to begin with, but I hate overflow. Looks like things haven’t been thought-out properly.



    Point taken rain. Ah well, I’ll just stick with Firefox and plead with everyone else to abandon IE, thanks again



    Hey gang, interestingly, I just played around with the Widths of just about everything and randomly got it to “semi-work” in IE… phew… finally it can look like the beauty in Firefox.

    – *But*, new question, those that are still around: in IE, if wherever there’s a picture aligned right or left and there are text next to it and if there’s a paragraph break — the text jumps down until after the image (you’ll see what I mean)

    – how come the text runs into an image (that’s all placed in a table, like one of the posts here )

    Again, I guess those new problems now are 99% of what I just did (with the widths and everything else) just seeing if there’s a second opinion… seeing that I was able to solve my own first problem, sort of.

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