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    Hi there,
    I am using the oxygen theme and would like to unlink the photos in my homepage slider so that they are no longer clickable. I do not want them linking to other pages. I saw another site that did this too so hopefully there is a way?

    If someone could help that would be so great!
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have the same problem…! HELP!


    I saw another site that did this too so hopefully there is a way?

    I’m not really sure how someone would do that! Could you please link to the site where you saw that happening? Was it setup here at



    I saw that! Your solution to forgo the post slider also works. But I was still curious about the Oxygen site they mentioned that does what they wanted. (more interested to see if that was a CSS thing or not)



    Yeah, I’m curious too. I couldn’t think of a direct way to do it. But I just thought of an indirect way: you could create an empty div in a text widget, then use CSS to give it the dimensions and the positioning of the slider, and give it a high z-index number so that it’ll show in front of the slider and block the clicking.


    That, or it’s a setup with some theme mods (is what I thought of). :)

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