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  1. I need some help upgrading blog is there a number I can reach someone at to help me walk through this I am new to all this

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, there isn't.

    What upgrade are you trying to buy and what difficulty are you having with it?

  3. I am trying to take the blog that I have made an upgrade to no adds and make it a .com

  4. You mean you want the custom domain and mapping upgrades. Here are the instructions:

  5. I have read these instructions before and when I go to the store it has my blog listed down below but wants me to add a domain. do I put in the same address as is listed below? I really wanted to be able to list my domain as Beauty& not

  6. You can't use & in a domain name. You HAVE to use

  7. ok then that is what I will use ty

  8. You're welcome. You can put whatever you want in the "Title" space on the Settings page of your dashboard and that's what will show up, but you can't use punctuation marks except a hyphen in a domain name.

  9. ok I did it right so far I think hahahahahaha but I have one more ? if you would be willing to help me again...... I want to add a email button where people can e-mail me if they wish how do I do that?

  10. hahahaha you like confusing me don't

    ok so I take it adding e-mail button not a good idea..... I do not understand the thing with the e-mail generator
    So maybe I need to look into a contact us page if I can figure that one out hahahahahah I just keep trying till I get things right

  11. If you can't understand that post, then yes, just use the contact page. It's simplest and works well.

  12. thanks again

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