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HELP! USer posting my info without my permission!

  1. The person who runs the blog has recently posted my personal information without my permission, I did not give him this information and he obtained it without my consent. I wish to speak to the wordpress tech support about having my info taken down immediately.

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  3. Please file a complaint against the blogger via

  4. Probably whether action will be taken depends on the information. Credit card numbers? Sure. Address? That's publicly available information, and unlikely to cause a blog suspension.

  5. WordPress probably won't do anything if it's information like your address, just because that's available information unfortunately for just about anybody. However, if they are indexed by Google I'm almost certain you could file some sort of complaint to get their website removed from search engines? Just so your information isn't all over the billions of pages Google has.

  6. Probably not. If the information is public, the information is public.

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