Help using the visual editor graphic utility please.

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    When I use the “little green picture logo” in the visual editor I get differing results on different blogs on different days. I read in another closed topic that using the editor would solve my problems of my text always running up directly against graphics for a rather messy look.

    Are there some instructions written for the visual editor so I can figure out what I am doing wrong? For example on one of my blogs I added a border and it was a very ugly black and yet the day before I added a border THE SAME SIZE and it came out white and too large. Please don’t say it is dependent on the theme because this happened on the same blog using the same theme. You can see it here

    Check here to see the difference between the Marvin Gaye pic on 6/6 and Johnny Mathis pic on 6/5.

    Thanks in advance.



    Did you post them differently, like choosing different sizes for them?

    Instead of borders, you might want to use horizontal space. That adds no colour at all.



    No I posted them the same way within minutes of each other as stated above. That is what is so strange.

    Thank You

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