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    Hi, im not sure if this is explained anywhere else, but anyways.
    I am trying to upload my WP Database on another server, so far i have uploaded my ‘phpmyadmin’ folder, containing my database.
    So im guessing my database is all up and working …

    The thing is i can not get my WP Config file to relate to my database :( I am not quite sure on what details i need to enter in my WP config file. and if i also need to edit any in the ‘phpmyamin’ config file.




    I believe you could be on the wrong forum. The forum for self hosted and web hosted blogs is here



    We’re running different software than you are. As TT suggests, you need to be over at the other forums.

    One word of advice. All you need for the database is the *.sql file. Not sure why you’re uploading phpmyadmin as that’s software most hosts already have installed for you and has nothing to do with WordPress.

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