Help veiwing auosaves, post dissapeared..PLEASE HELP

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    OK, so I spent all night working on a post, and I left the title blank, then this morning I woke up and finished the last few paragraphs and added a title. I published the post and viewed it to make sure it looked ok, i noticed my text was grey when I previewed it so I went back to it to change the font color. When I went into it it said that a more recent version was autosaved, I I clicked on it view autosave and it was the full post. I even compared revisions. Any ways, I left my browser and page open for a few hours and when i went back on to see if anyone had viewed my post, i noticed it isn’t there on my blog. So i checked my posts and it isnt there either, only the incomplete version from last night is there. I am really confused because for one, it was PUBLISHED, and number two, I KNOW it was autosaved because I viewed the autosave, I even compared the last two autosaves. I am totally disappointed because it took me a really long time to write and was one of my best. Now I cant figure out how to view my autosaves. I already checked the trash and everywhere else, Please tell me how to view all the autosaves. It says last edited 10 hours ago, which is about when I published it, so i don’t understand. PLEASE tell me how to view autosaves and revisions. It says to click autosave in the text editor but what the hell is the text editor, where you write your posts? I cant find any where to click to view autosaves, and i feel like its my only hope. Also if it isn’t in the autosave, which im praying it is, how is this possible when I SAW IT in autosave and published it…Please help me:( PS- I even have the twitter and facebook updates saying it was published and to check it out!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Is it in Drafts? If so, what does Drafts say is the URL of the post?

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