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  1. Hi, friends I creat a blog , but I dont know how can I write posts and view my page

  2. Hi there,
    Your post title describes everyone posting here - they all need help. Her's something I do believe that will be useful. It's a link to beginner resources. Please note that the first 4 listed are tubetorials on and introduction to wp blogging, posting, editing, and presentation.

    I'm not clear on what you mean by "view my blog".
    There's a "view site" link at the top of the blue navigation bar on the admin side on your blog that you can use for this.

    Also your interests would be better served if you linked your blog to your username rather than to that commercial site. When we can see your blog we can give you better advice. I just wasted my time clicking on what amounted to advertising that in no way helped me to help you. Please change the link and link your blog to your username.

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