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HELP! What do you do when someone takes your post and posts it on there blog?

  1. Took my post and put it on there blog. I was given credit, but they chopped it up. BESIDES the point that I don't want it on there. WHAT can I do?????????????? Please help :(

  2. Have a look at this thread, that should help you:

  3. Why would anyone want to steal you post?

    Good luck diannaleigh.

    Let me know how this turns out for future reference.

  4. I am not sure why someone would do it. Should I take the track back feature off of my site? Any suggestions? He linked back to me but there are nasty ads all over the page.... :(

  5. ... they give you credit so it's OK. If someone likes the post will try to find your page and read the rest of your articles :-)

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