Help! What’s happened to my Nav Bar?

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    The links in my Nav Bar have suddenly jumbled together in one corner! I haven’t added any extra pages or anything like that, so I don’t know why it’s happened. Any ideas?



    it happened to me too!!


    How did you resolve it?



    i haven’t been able to. my blog looks funny. help wordpress!!


    Has this just happened tonight then?



    Just happened to me too.
    My custom header is a mess as well.


    I’m afraid I’m a bit new to all this. Any techies out there know whats going on?



    it’s probably a wordpress bug. i just noticed it about 30 minutes ago.


    Sorry to if I sound a bit dim, but I haven’t been on long (and thankfully haven’t had too many problems). Is this the sort of thing that I need to contact Support about?



    Mine too – a mess when I view site, but oddly it is okay if I just look at the page alone.


    Typically when the sidebar moves to the bottom it is because of some coding problems in a post. This happens when images are too wide for the post area, or when you paste something in from the web or from another program such as MS Word. Set your blog to display only one post per page (options > reading) and then go through them a post at a time to see which one is causing the problem.


    In this post , you are missing the ending div tag right before the “keep reading” tag. In code view, put </div> right after “…and other residents in this town.”



    Thanks. I found it.


    You’re very welcome, happy blogging.


    It looks like your problem has been solved as your top navigation appears to be back in working order.



    My Navbar is not jumbled, but it covers up about 25% of my header. I tried to reload my header, change it’s dimensions, but nothing works. Whenever I am signed in, the blue navbar covers a part of my header.

    When I’m not signed in, it looks perfect. It does the same thing in Firefox and IE7.

    Any thoughts coders?

    Thanking you all in advance.

    BTW, my site is

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