HELP!! where is the plugin?

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    Where is this feature in our dashboard? I can’t find it? :/

    The blog I need help with is



    There are no plugins on wordpress.COM blogs. We cannot upload anything into our blogs as there is not FTP access. The differences between wordpress.COM and wordpres.ORG are found here >

    If you tell us what you want to achieve we may be able to provide a way to accomplish it.



    I’m trying to figure out how to install an e-commerce plugin. Their site says that they are designed specifically for WP. They say to copy the files to
    wp-content/plugins but I can’t find it. Will it be on my computer? or online?



    @carryitagain, timethief answered your question before you asked it


    @carrytagain, first off, you cannot do e-commerce at wordpress.COM. It is against the terms of service you agreed to when you signed up.

    Secondly, when a plugin author say it works with wordpress, they mean with a self-hosted wordpress installation on a third-party hosting service such as godaddy or bluehost or hostgator. It does not apply to blogs hosted here at wordpress.COM.

    If you want to do e-commerce, buy yourself a domain name (about $14 per year), hire a webhost ($7 – $25 per month), download, install and configure the software from wordpress.ORG and you are on your way.

    Do note that you will be responsible for all uploads, upgrades, backups, and troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, you will have to figure out what it is and fix it.

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