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help - where to begin?????

  1. Please help! I'm sorry to be so dumb but I registered an account with WordPress but I can't see how to create a blog page. I downloaded a themed page I would like 2 use but I've been trying to work out how to create the page for like 2 hours! Sorry to be such an technoidjit.

  2. From :

    " have probably created a username-only account, and you can go to again to add a blog to your account."

  3. Thank you!!!! Now I'm trying to make the page have the appearance of a theme I downloaded. Sorry I don't know how bloggers say things.

  4. You cannot apply themes from outside to any blog. Don't even try. They are for WordPress.ORG blogs, which are much more technical and are hosted elsewhere, for money.

    Choose from one of the (what is it?) 75 or so themes we have here. Some, like Vigilance and Digg3, have custom colours available, and many have custom headers.

  5. I did actually create a username and blog when I originally signed up but I'm having problems starting also. I've chosen one of the 75 themes but do not see where it has applied to my page, nor do I see how to manually apply it or customize in any other way.

    I've used other blog sites so I'm not completely illiterate but neither am I a blog/design genius. Still...what am I missing?


  6. Could you be more specific about your issue? I see Just fine. What it needs is content. Content changes the way info is displayed, so don't judge a theme until you have at least three posts.

  7. I also have chosen a theme. However, can you add any pictures to the header? I have a friend that also has a blog and she added a picture of herself to the top. Not sure if she created this herself for chose a WP theme...

  8. also, how do I make my blog have an RSS that people can link to?

  9. All blogs have RSS feds for entries and comments.
    This is your RSS feed for posts
    This is your RSS deed for comments

  10. oops! I typed "deed" above when I meant to type "feed". This is the link to the support documentation for your to bookmark There's a searchbox there that you will find helpful.

  11. Also note that you have chosen a theme that does not have a customizabele heder. Here's the link to the support documentation entry that lists the ones that do have customizable themes Do note that the best practice is to optimize and resize your header image to the exact size prior to uploading the image.

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