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    Hi everyone!

    I have been using many of those stock images, royalty free photos websites to get pictures. I normally need to find general things when visiting these websites, such as the sun, food, fruits, vegetables etc. All of this is easy to find using the above websites.

    However, when I need to find pictures of cars such as a mercedes, bmw, audi etc. I am really confused as to where I can find them. Those websites I mentioned above do not give a lot of pictures for these cars at all. If i google image, i am subject to copyright laws.

    I am at such a loss here, super confused as to what to do. Can’t I just get the images from google image and give credit? Or maybe go to the official websites (mercedes/bmw/audi) and give credit?

    Thanks a lot for reading everyone



    Hi wirtandi

    I am tagging this post as ‘modlook’ for Staff assistance please wait for some time they will get back to you on this



    Hi there,

    Most images you’ll find via a Google Search are copyrighted and if you use them without the explicit permission of the image owner they can take legal action against you. It is your responsibility to make sure a particular image is licensed for re-use or to obtain permission before you use it. We cannot help you with that. See:


    I’m not sure why you tagged this for staff. You could have provided an answer for this via the support doc I linked above, and beyond that this isn’t a support issue, never mind one that requires staff assistance.



    Hi kokkieh

    I was not sure about the copyright issues and laws and I taught it might be some legal issues case too so it will be better if staff suggest something to the user. I will take care of this as of now.



    If you suspect there might be a legal issue, advise a user to reach out to a lawyer specialising in copyright law instead. Staff cannot give legal advice, and neither should volunteers :)



    I will take care of this from now.



    Than you for the replies everyone.

    This is a very confusing topic for me. It seems simple – i am only looking for images, but when you put in copyright laws it becomes complex and scary.

    I went to a popular car website, and i tried copy pasting one image from the website. What comes up was a lot of the same picture on many different websites. My question is, how/where do they get these images from…?

    Like I said, i can get simple pictures such as food, vegetables, trees etc easily from the royalty-free websites. But cars like merc, bmw audi? not so much…


    Hi wirtandi,

    As @kokkieh mentioned, we are unable to give legal advice about copyright but this link has tips for finding images to use:

    But cars like merc, bmw audi? not so much…

    These images are very specific so I’m unable to make any recommendations as to where they will be available — you will need to source them yourself as this is not something we can help with.

    My question is, how/where do they get these images from…?

    I’m unable to say where the images are from but you may wish to contact the site owner for more information or permission to use them.

    Best of luck with finding what you need.


    No one has mentioned the free photo library right here at found inside the Add Content button. You can filter for just cars or specific cars such as Mercedes BMW etc and find dozens there. Although they come via Pexels I assume there is no copyright issue using any of those images on a site?


    Thanks for mentioning that @themagicrobot!

    Although they come via Pexels I assume there is no copyright issue using any of those images on a site?

    Pexel is the photo provider and they supply their free images under the CC0 licence. There is more information about how the images can be used on their license page here:

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