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    I am still newish to this whole blog page design thing. I have purchased the custom css upgrade and i am running the greyzed theme by The Forge Web Creations.

    To whomever can help I am trying to attach the script from this site to the footer middle widget of my page. All the script for it is posted on the right side of the source page. Is this possible to do or did I just waste money on this upgrade?

    Thanks for any help to this noob to CSS design

    The blog I need help with is



    This won’t work as it involves javascript which is not allowed for security reasons. If you have no other use for the CSS upgrade I’d recommend asking staff for a refund.



    This is really annoying. It doesnt seem that difficult to allow this. I am half tempted to shut down the blog and ask for a refund on it just because of this seemingly arbitrary reasoning. “for security reasons? what is that?

    what about this version?

    Why does other sites have no issue with this and WordPress does? Please help there has got to be a way to make this work somehow.



    It is a multiuser platform, so changes would effect everyone else. There’s a whole lot of bad things which can be achieved with javascript. If you move to you can use all the plug-ins you like, but it means hosting the blog yourself, which incurs costs, and the technical know-how to keep everything up and running.

    The counter you point to just cycles through the numbers based on an average, if you really want to inform people of the amount of animals killed in food and agriculture you could include a text widget and type in the deaths per minute/day/etc. If you can find a flash based counter then you could use that with the “gigya” shortcode.


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