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help with a few things without using CSS

  1. there are a few things i need help with while using the mystique theme but I don't want to use any custom CSS. any help in this would be much appreciated. (please ignore the early state of the website, just getting things up and running at the moment)

    1. is there a way to remove the date and user from the top of posts?

    2. how do i make a table like the one shown in the mystique demo?

    3. how do i break up posts into multiple pages as shown in the mystique demo?

    4. is there a way to remove the tags from the bottom of posts?

    5. can you make a new page without having it show up on the navigation bar or as a child page?

    6. is there a way to make select posts appear on specific pages without just using hyperlinks?

    i know at least some of this might be impossible without CSS, but just knowing if i can or cannot do it would help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. requires CSS
    2. link please? (or do you mean a Gallery?)
    3. Pagination for really long posts: or
    Or More tag to shorten the content on the front page:
    4. Tags are optional on Posts, but you will have to use at least the default Category "Uncategorized". Using Categories and Tags is a great way to index your content for readers, so you might want to reconsider using them.
    5. Custom menu is what you want:
    6. See above use of Tags/Categories and a Custom Menu:

  3. 4. To remove them requires CSS.

    6. Posts cannot be put on "pages." You can add a post to the top navigation using a custom menu though.

  4. 6. And as Jennifer suggests, use categories and then put them into the menu if you want to have a number of posts show up under a certain menu tab.

  5. thanks a lot for the help guys :). knowing how to use custom menus has really helped me.

  6. thanks a lot for the help :). knowing how to use custom menus has really helped me.

  7. Great!

    Would still like to help you solve #2, so if you can link to what you mean... ?

  8. don't worry about 2, i think i figured out that's just the way tables look on mystique. thanks for the help on other stuff tho.

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