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  1. I also have a question about Themes !!!! Ok can anyone answer this for me; I'm leaning towards the theme "Further". Can anyone tell me if this Theme is one of the most customizable themes in WP ??? if so can someone please let me know what are it's limitations??? If there are any, of course. If it's not the most customizable, then can I get a replacement with the Most Customizable theme out there ????? I'm looking to get the Business Package for this blog and I wanted to know what 50+ Premium Themes are included with that ???? If the Theme Further is included or not.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can anyone please reply to this ????????

  3. Yes. After we deal with all those in order of the earliest posted threads first, wherein bloggers who have been waiting for hours as they posted long before you did then we will help you. Please be patient.

  4. Please read > A premium theme can be used on one blog only for the life of that blog while being free hosted by Premium themes are not transferable to WordPress.ORG installs.

    Further is a premium theme and read-access to the premium themes forum is now open to all users so you can search to see if your question has been previously asked and answered there. The premium theme forums are at with separate sections for each theme.

    I'm looking to get the Business Package for this blog and I wanted to know what 50+ Premium Themes are included with that ????

    Are you in the Enterprise league? It's has a $500. per month price tag
    Or maybe you are in this league?

    There is no FTP access to our free hosted blogs. Also note that there is no upgrade you can purchase other than the Enterprise of VIP Hosting upgrades that allows FTP access and the ability to install themes or plugins. But those with installs have FTP access and can install their own themes, third party themes and plugins. Please read this comparison

  5. Sorry about sounding impatient about a reply. I wasn't thinking that other bloggers were waiting in line. Thank you for having explained to a newbie how this works.
    Ok I have another question. You mentioned something about an Enterprise account, right. At what point will WordPress consider my blog to be at an Enterprise level, if ever, and what is the criteria for being an Enterprise level blog/site. Does it have to do with heavy traffic and what is that cut off, how many visitors or bloggers need to be on my blog daily, or monthly, please clarify this for me.
    My second question is; I want to build a blog that shares information in it's entirety about Omega 3-6-9 supplementation. I will post only research and medical studies and also evaluated dosages as determined by each study and find, whoever is interested, a great product from a credible source and direct them there. I want to offer the best advice on this subject I can possible give and back it up with data from credible sources. My question is, what other plug ins do I have to purchase to make the Further Theme complete ? meaning I am under the impression that when I buy a plug in or a customization package will that apply to the whole Theme, if it will support that, or just to one page. I understand that the Further theme comes with two "custom Menus", that will allow me to create 2 home pages but it will not let me create a Static Home Page, is that right ? And if the the plug ins or customization packages are limited to the number of pages of your blog and if you can recommend a plug in that will let me create each page of my blog differently than the previous page and not to have repeating info on any page. Does that make sense ?
    Thank you for your help. Hope you have a great day.

  6. I don't believe there's a traffic minimum for the Enterprise service, but it makes no sense unless you are anticipating traffic in excess of perhaps ten thousand daily visitors.

    Your question about which plugins you need to make your business site viable is really one that is out of our pay grade; if you want to hire a WP consultant, there are thousands of them: TT and I both do this kind of work, but since it is for a commercial endeavor we don't do it for free. There IS free advice on plugins to be found in the forums.

  7. danprediger --

    Do you mean this Business bundle for $299.00USD per year?

    If so, then yes, all the Premium themes are included for free. You may pick and choose as you please. A new Premium theme every day if you are so inclined.

    I have Business bundle on my blog.

  8. Boles
    Ok, I have become somewhat more familiar with the Store and all the paid upgrades. I am a bit confused because most of the packages are included in the Business Bundle. My question is, what other Plug-ins are available (paid of course) for a Premium Theme to be able to build a Static Home Page, to find that Plug-in for my blog that will offer me the flexibility to make every page's Sidebar different from the previous page. To have a Navigation Menu with sub menus ? Also be able to have on every page a different Footer with Photos (links to other pages or articles). The description in the Further theme is that it's the most flexible theme available. Since I'm looking to purchase a Business Bundle that theme will become part of the Bundle right?
    Can you shed more light on these questions ? Thank you for your help.
    Or can I contact you on your blog with these questions?

  9. danprediger --

    If you want plugin support -- that would mean an expensive VIP upgrade that was previously discussed here -- or a standalone install with a hosting provider. If you mean "widgets" instead of plugins, then you'll get the same widgets package on the Business level that you do with a free blog.

    As for the customization of the theme, you were rightly previously referred to the premium theme forum for help. There are people there who will be better able to answer your queries. I do not use the theme in question.

    The best way to find the right theme is to activate them and play with the settings to learn what works best for you.

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