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    I use the premium anthem theme for my photography website and blog, and need some assistance with an issue I can’t seem seem to solve regarding the sidebar.

    If you view my site, you’ll see the menu area, then a huge gap before the sidebar begins. I placed a text widget into the sidebar with the words “she who bathes in moonbeams” so you’d be able to see.

    Is there any way to close up this gap and begin widgets directly after the second menu?

    The blog I need help with is


    I believe the problem may be related to the very faint line you see under the text widget “she who bathes in moonbeams”. Perhaps the sidebar area needs to be re-sized?



    a) The original design is: content roughly 3/4 of the total width, floating right, header and sidebar roughly 1/4 of the total width, floating left. You decreased the header width and added a right margin to content, to move the content to the left, so there’s no longer room enough for the sidebar to show below the header. So, yes, if you want to make the header narrower you also need to make the sidebar narrower.

    b) Instead of adding a right margin to content, I think you’d better increase its width.

    c) Drag the browser window to make it narrower and see what your header will look like in a mobile device. Whatever changes to the layout you make, you must make sure they don’t apply when the theme becomes so narrow that its sections get reshaped and rearranged.

    Can you make these changes yourself or do you want me to give you the coding?


    Thanks so much for your input! I absolutely see what you mean. I’ve been trying to figure out the coding, but haven’t been successful so far.



    You’re welcome.
    Try this:

    @media screen and (min-width: 865px) {
    #container {
    max-width: 1100px;
    header[role="banner"], aside[role="complementary"] {
    width: 15.0645%;
    #content {
    width: 82.3548%;



    PS You need to change the color of the footer credits. Removing the credits or making them invisible is against the TOS (#11):


    Thank you SO much for your help!!



    You’re welcome!
    There’s a narrow band of screen widths where the layout goes wrong. Try turning the 865 to 906 please. (Sorry, your theme is premium so I couldn’t use it in my test blog to test things first.)


    I appreciate your help so much! I think it looks okay now, at least on my end. I also took a peek from my iPhone, and it looks great! :-)


    I changed to 906 also, so please let me know if it still looks wonky on your browser.



    Turn it to 926 and you should be set.


    Done! :-)


    Thank you again for the help!

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