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    I really love this theme but I want to delete the balloons in the background, they get in the way of my text and they are annoying.

    Does any one know how I can do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, I also have the same theme and the balloons do get in the way of the text, its a design fault, a technician said to me recently that the developer should have had the balloons moving ‘behind’ the wording, never sitting in the front … not sure if anyone will be able to help us..

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    You cannot make any changes to appearance without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.

    Hi there,
    The floating balloons in the Balloons theme are an intentional design element of the theme. The scrolling effect that causes the balloons to ‘float’ should move the balloons off of hidden text with only a slight scroll.

    It is unlikely that the balloons will be removed in a future update, so short of the Custom Design upgrade, I’d recommend trying out another one of our single-column themes:




    Note: I have searched an there are no threads wherein the CSS editing of the Balloons theme you want to do are provided. Please wait patiently for Staff help with your CSS editing.


    Thanks, I have purchased the custom design. Im not sure how to fix it though, I thought it was just a background…
    Never worry I will find another theme I like

    thanks for your help


    I will look into this. Just to clarify, are you referring specifically to the tagline text at the top, or other text as well.

    I looked at the demo for the Balloons theme, and the tagline seems like the only text that is blocked too much to me:
    * Screenshot:
    * Source:

    If you are willing to take a minute to provide a screenshot showing the text getting blocked in your blog, that would be very helpful:



    Hi there staffer, thanks for your reply. I am trying to attach my screen shot, but it wont (grr…will go to your suggested link to see how else to make it attach here). The balloons moving are great, no problem there, but when that particular theme comes up for review, it needs to be altered a little to make the balloons always be BEHIND the text, any text… Its a grt theme, just needs some fine tuning..


    thanks for your reply. I am trying to attach my screen shot, but it wont

    Oh noes! Can you maybe upload the screenshot to your media library?



    Sure, just done. Thanks, Natalie


    Found it. Thanks! I’ll add it to the request I posted for the developers to have a look when they can.


    Sorry, it took so long to report back on this one. The semi-hidden tagline is part of the intended effect with this theme. It’s a shy, globophobic thing. :) Balloons is just one of those charmingly weird themes that won’t work for everything. (But when it does work, it’s amazing.)


    So, it does seem that the way the balloons are working is an expected part of the design and not a mistake in the theme (thanks themeshaper for checking that out!).

    Next, you can still customize the theme with CSS if you don’t like the way the design is intended to work. Here is a past example from the forums that will remove the balloons entirely:

    In that example, you could remove just the middle set of balloons instead of all of them if you’d like. If anyone sees this thread and wants help doing that, please start a new help request and we’ll check it out!

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