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    After I’ve purchased the domain, the bing webmaster isn’t recognizing my site though I added the new domain as a separate site (or new site) but it doesn’t help. There are hardly any traffic coming from it (yes, there was traffic before,though less)

    I also searched the support articles but it wasn’t of much help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    It takes weeks for search engines to index content in a new blog and/or to re-index content under a new URL. What attracts search engines is unique content the cannot in posts that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Keep publishing original content posts frequently two or even three times weekly. For more information read >

    Lastly note that we cannot assist with search engine issues. They are between the blogger and the search engine.



    Thanks, I went through the article and yes all my contents are original, even the pictures on my blog are all taken by me.

    I don’t need help with search engine issues neither with indexing or high ranking, I just wanted to know about the integration part and have I done the integration with the webmaster tools properly or not?

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