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    Hello, Not sure if I am posting in right place.

    I have searched everywhere for support on the bizzine theme, which i am using on my site

    I am having problems with a few things… the first is with the Featured Content Plug-in. I have already contacted them (FCG) ,, still no reply, I would like to find out how I can add a custom field articleimg tag plus a url to point it to to a photo in my media gallery …. FCG works with photos posted in posts (where you can easily put the articleimg tag), but I dont want to to pull the photos from the posts (I dont want to post the photos), I want to pull them from my gallery, then I will put the picture ID from wp in the set up for FCG. Hope that makes sense. Basically, how can I tag the photos in my media gallery with articleimg tag and a url?

    The second problem I am having is on the Bizzine theme, there is a bunch of java script. And none of it seems to be working. It’s all over my head to figure out. Theres a featured posts js and a photo slide. I cant figure out why they arent working.

    I am not sure if its related, but the theme uses mygallery plugin which is “built in?” … thinking maybe that it wasn’t, i tried to install the mygallery plugin and it doesnt activate b/c “header is missing”.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.



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    sorry .. seems I posted to the wrong site..

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