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    blog won’t open ani menu (Add media, featured images) or won’t let me create new categories or add tags to my new posts. I cleaned my cache but it isn’t working.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m having the exact same issue!
    None of my buttons are working:
    I can’t upload photos because “add media” isn’t working.
    I can’t look at comments or likes
    When I hover over the buttons for “media” or “posts” the dropdowns don’t activate

    my site is

    I don’t know if it’s my error, I just upgraded my search engine, this is how I make my living so this is really not good.

    Please let me know ASAP what I can do or if this is an across the board issue…
    Thanks, Carol Cook


    Well.. my same problem!

    I did not change my search engine, but the error occurred since the WP Platform has upgraded to this new desing/settings (two or three days ago) so I’m hoping they are already fixing this “bug” (if that is what it is)…

    Thanks you all,



    Same here! The media button doesn’t do anything anymore. I have two blogs and it doesn’t work on either.



    Looks like it is working find on Chrome and Mozilla according to my editors. Not working on I.E.



    is it being fixed? or is there an expectation for those of us who use internet explorer to change to something else? (of which I am very resistant…)

    since i’m new to this, someone from support will come on and answer our question(s), right?



    Maybe. The trouble is there are 20 or so of these threads. I doubt they’ll respond to ALL of them. Keep your eyes open for a sticky thread at the top of the forum.



    And here it is

    @artbycarol – As someone who was forced to move to Firefox because IE was no longer updating in WinXP (since replaced with Win7), you’ll never look back.


    today it works, thanks to you all for your support/attention :D



    mine is working, too! yay!

    @justjennifer ~ thanks for the advice, I’ve been considering changing for awhile but I think I’d rather upgrade my computer first :-)



    Like Jennifer, I’ll never ever in a million years go back from using Firefox which is reliable to Internet Explorer.

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