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Help with blog not loading properly and now no WordPress product loads well

  1. I use Pinboard premium theme, and have WordPress upgrades (customize). In last day blog ( will not load for me, although it is coming up on friends computers. What comes up is a basic version, with everything lined up on left side of screen. Looks now like a Word document. Isn't better through browers IE10, Mozilla or Chrome. Have cleared all caches, done System Restore on computer twice. If I can enter my password on blog, it brings up a very, very basic version of the blog which isn't usable. I am unable to access my friends WordPress blogs with comments, and today I've struggled endlessly even trying to get on support forums (which are not coming up properly). All other websites not connected to WordPress come up quickly and easily so its a localised problem. The only changes I have initiated re WordPress recently was download Zemanta add-on for if I use my .com WordPress blog via Mozilla (brings up the free pictures option when I start new blog entry - it doesn't kick in if I open blog on other browsers), shared my blog with new Twitter account, changed the pic that comes up next to my blog entries by loading up another shot from my computer. Other than that, I upgraded to a Premium theme (Pinboard) several weeks ago, purchased an upgrade (Customize) around that time. I am wondering if I've somehow stuffed up in that maybe my original photo on the blog was the same one as Gravatar has, and in changing the pic that comes up next to each new blog article, did I somehow kick off a chain off events, perhaps? I can't even properly access my own blog to try and see - it comes up as though its Courier typeface, or a manual typewriter, if you follow, compared to the sleek fonts and computers of today. It is that reduced in appearance now. What on earth did I do wrong and can you help me sort it out please? thank you.

  2. Nobody can assist you if you don't give us the URL of your blog, starting with http.

  3. Apologies, Raincoaster, thought I had. No WordPress product is allowing me normal access at moment, just in last 12 hours.

    My blog's URL is

    Apparently it looks fine on my friends' computers, but goes haywire on mine. Now I'm told its either an individual computer issue, or an ISP one and that I have to eliminate things one by one.

    Happy to do that, but just don't understand why this can only be relating to my blog, and my access to anything from the WordPress site worldwide, apparently.

  4. Yes, I do think it's probably either some browser issue or your ISP. It's not uncommon for some ISPs to blog entirely or partially: TalkTalk in the UK blocks all of apparently if you select to block social sites.

    I would close the browser, run a virus scan on your computer, do a full shut down and restart, clear your browser cache and cookies, and see if that helps.

  5. Hello again, I just wanted to update the community with the work that I have done to try and eliminate what might be causing the problems with attempting to access my WordPress blog, or any WordPress online website, including this forum.

    My security software provider removed their product temporarily, to see if that was interfering with anything wordpress, but to no avail. They also ran their most power virus and malware detection tool through my computer system, but no risks showed up.

    I contacted my ISP ( and asked if they had made changes to their systems/servers or noted any unusual activity on my service in the last 48 hours but no issues were found with any of these as relates to why I am having problems only with any wordpress applications.

    I 've cleaned out caches, done two System Restore points to days before I began to experience this problem (began early morning 3 July and continued to deteriorate throughout the day, meaning, that although I found I couldn't access my blog via IE10, I could initially via Mozilla but eventually that deteriorated, then I found that although earlier in the day I could comment on my friend's wordpress blog, eventually that began showing up as a very reduced appearance when I called it up, and I couldn't interact with it anymore).

    Basically, it was like a meltdown was occurring over a 6 hour period.

    I will try to see if I can access my blog using my local library's computers, but my ISP says it won't mean anything if I am not using my home modem (in terms of assessing if the problem is the service connection).

    Also, although my friends are now wary of letting me connect their laptop to my modem (!!) to test if it is my computer or the ISP service that is the problem, I will still try to locate one that I can test from home with.

    Also, its been suggested my browser settings could be interfering with access to wordpress, but I don't understand how that can be consistent across IE10, Mozilla and Chrome (all of whom produce a poor connection with my blog and any wordpress site. I can't even see all of this support forum site right now).

    Pls let me know if your amazing brains out there can think of anything else I can try, that may help the community help me.

    thank you.

  6. Can you connect to your blog via a phone using a dataplan rather than wifi? If so, the ISP is likely the problem.

  7. I should have clarified: if you can load the blog using a dataplan but not using your own wifi, then the problem IS the ISP, definitely.

  8. Raincoaster you are a gem, but I'm afraid I both don't know what you are talking about, nor would engage in those items of use. I should explain, I have vision issues, so only use a desktop with a very large screen and some visual aid software (but it doesn't affect wordpress, and has been loaded on for ages).

    For now, best I can do is get someone to try using a lap top at my house, plugged in to my modem and if they are having the same issue, then presumably the problem is the ISP and I can request an escalation of the issue for investigation. Boy, these probs are rare, but I really hate them when they happen!

    Cheers, have a good weekend.

  9. Ah, if you can get someone with a mobile phone over, ask them to check the blog using the wifi connection instead of the data plan. If they cannot do it, but then on the same phone they use the data plan and they can see the blog, then it's your ISP. Just show them this comment when they get there, if you can. A tablet or laptop isn't going to do you any good.

  10. Thanks again, but I don't have wifi (just a modem with an ADSL connection) and I don't know what a data plan is. My friends can see my blog intact on their computers, so I've been told to get someone to come to my house with their laptop, to plug in to my modem and then call up the website on their laptop. Apparently if they can't call it up on their laptop, it will identify that the problem could be the ISP. If they can call it up it will indicate that somewhere on my computer is the problem, but I'm damned if I know what.

  11. Raincoaster, my wordpress accesses, including to this site (now a wonderful, articulated blue again!) have returned. Actually, they did when I was writing the above post, and then when I signed out, my wordpress blog had returned, as had my access to all wordpress blog/websites. It probably was my ISP, who do maintenance on Friday nights, I believe (not sure). I had spoken to their support/technical section but maybe they were simply unaware of the issue. Feel very grateful and relieved. Hope it lasts. Thank you for your extensive time and input. We are lucky to have you. Cheers.

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