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    This morning, I checked my stats for how well the site did, yesterday. I notice that the Pageview was set to 13; however there was only 8 accounted for. I’m referring to the pages clicked on.

    Plus, I notice only 4 visitors from the “Referrals” part of the report.

    Is Blog Stats saying there was only unique visitors? Yes, I do have a habit of daily looking at the stats. I’m trying to keep a running guage of how the site is doing.

    The blog I need help with is



    I just checked the Support docs on Blog Stats. It raised another question. I’ve seen some users with something called Site Meter? I think I saw one with a world map as an icon.



    There are several free choices you can make for free non-javascript visitor tracking. They are found in these posts and
    Do note that they all have different counting systems and cannot be compared one to the other as they track differently.

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