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    Hey, I’m having some trouble with captions.
    They seem to cut off at random points.
    It seems to be when I use an apostrophe.

    I’m adding the images after I’ve written the blog entry, would that cause a problem?

    This article is one of the main offenders.

    Thanks in advance.



    The captions display fine for me I used Firefox 3, to view your blog

    try deleting your cookies & cache & restart your browser
    & see if that corrects your problem

    Also What browser are you using ?



    Here is a screen shot of the caption I see in the post most of the picture is cut of for copy right reasons I left a small portion of the
    controller so can see that i’m referring to the same photo as you are.



    I’ve noticed that in all kinds of formats, not just It will cut off when you use punctuation, but not all punctuation. I just leave it out now.


    Yeah, it looks like some was cut off on the fire emblem image caption.




    I played around with that theme. I am able to re-create your post with images…and the captions work fine in my testblog. It seems that you are not using the caption feature correctly. Perhaps you are editing the HTML after adding images?

    Here is a link to the Test Post:

    Compare it to your post:

    The captions come up differently as you can see.


    @teck07: No, that caption is not fine; they’re supposed to be centered. All owiily’s captions are out of line.

    – I just uploaded an image and tried various captions (using owiily’s theme): had no problem with apostrophes or other punctuation marks; everything came up fine, and the text could be as long as I wished.

    – Owiily’s source code is strange, too, all DLs, DTs and DDs – very different than what I get. Perhaps it would help if owiily told us exactly how he uploaded and captioned the images, and if he tried anything with the buttons of the main post editor afterwards.



    Thanks for the replies.
    I just added the images from the editor.
    “Add Media – Image – Browse”
    Then I added the captions, chose the size, and aligned the images.


    “Browse”? Could you please try the Flash uploader instead and see if anything comes up different?

    (Which browser are you using? IE perhaps?)



    panaghiotisadam is right…use Firefox and try to use the flash uploader instead of the Browser uploader.



    Captions are often off-center with Cusstom CSS blogs. Would that apply? There’s a bit you have to add to your code.



    raincoaster, why is that?



    Because Caption code is a special WP function that CSS designers never had to take into account before. Devblog emailed me the code to aadd to my blog, but I’ve been too lazy to do it. Instead, I strip out the caption code itself.


    @owiily: By the way, you should remove the search widget. There’s a search box built into the theme already, so now you’ve got it twice.



    I had the same troubles, but I’ve found that if I copy and paste “smart quotes” or curly quotes instead of the normal quotes, the caption comes out fine.

    Example – this works:
    caption=”Post Lola’s and tequilla”

    This doesn’t
    caption=”Post Lola’s and tequilla”

    My guess is that the editor thinks the single quote is the “close quote” part of the caption and drops everything behind it.

    Hope this helps.

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