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    hello, i’ve maked a blog ( or and i’ve decide to use Greyzed theme (

    When i go to Appearance -> Menus, the WordPress show me a message:”this theme does not support native custom menu”(O seu tema suporta 1 menu. Escolha que menu pretende utilizar.[pt-br]) so i cannot add more than one menu on my blog

    the theme description says “custom menu ok” , in the theme page shows more then 1 menu, and dropbox menu’s, but i cannot add them,

    What can i do?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are referring to a free hosted blog then please post an active link to it starting with http://

    The one linked to your username has been deleted. If you are using the version of the theme then you use a custom menu widget.
    See also:


    Greyzed does support menus, but the WP lingo is confusing you:

    • A menu is a group of clickable tabs; each tab is a menu item. Check the theme demo:
    “Home”, “About” “Contact” etc. are menu items; all of them together are your top nav menu (= group of tabs in the header area).

    • Supports one menu means one top nav menu. You can create and display as many custom menus as you like: one in the header area, the rest in your sidebar (by adding Custom menu widgets).

    • Menu items can include sub-items. Sub-items will appear as dropdowns in your top nav menu, as indented lists in your sidebar menu(s).

    • Instructions here:

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