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Help with custom page

  1. I need help customizing my blog to reflect my "shop" site.

    I have my banner as a jpg file...would this be the best format? What size?

    I'm not all that familiar with CSS so anyone who is willing to help me do it step-by-step would be awesome!

    Any advice/help will be SO SO appreciated!!

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. What's your url please?


    I can send you my logo, if that will help you see the theme I am hoping for.

    I really appreciate the help! If you want the logo, shoot me ur email and I'll send it over.

  4. The theme you're using doesn't use a header image -- I assume that's what you mean by "banner". Try the preview function in your dashboard to find one you like that does. (.jpg is fine; any theme with a custom header image will specify what size it should be to avoid cropping.)

  5. I found those. Thanks. :)

    Another there a way to edit the background colors of the body of the blog? Majority of them are a variation of blue, and I'd like them to be, well, not blue. haha

  6. singularcontiguity

    Yes, using CSS. It requires knowing something about CSS, though, and buying the custom CSS upgrade.

  7. You're welcome. You could change the background color with the CSS upgrade and CSS skills. See About the CSS upgrade in the FAQ. You can play with CSS changes for free but can't save them.

    I don't know if you can change that with your current theme, since it's designed to show a background color based on each photo's colors. It's a theme for photoblogging.

  8. I looked at the appears that, even though I'm not too familiar, since I'm just changing the colors that I could just locate color numbers and substitute those in where I want it that logical or am I going to mess it all up? haha

  9. @singular - is body able to be changed in Monotone? I guess it would have to be one static color.

  10. singularcontiguity

    Monotone might not be able to be changed, I haven't played with it at all - being a math geek rather than a photo geek at this point. :-)

    It looks like frillsntails is switching around among the themes; my most recent look shows Ambiru.

  11. I haven't played with it either or even looked at the stylesheet, although I have a (still-private and mostly-empty) photoblog using it. I do like that theme as is.

  12. Yeah...Ambiru is the one I like and is what I'm going to use to do the custom header, but I'd like to soften up the background colors...the dark just really isn't my speed, but I like the layout...I looked that the stylesheet for Ambiru and it seems the most straight forward to the ones I've looked at...each section is easily labeled and the font and colors are pointed out pretty clearly...I'd just have to search the numbers for each color, but that doesn't seem to hard if that's all it takes...

  13. singularcontiguity

    If they're handling the color selection in the stylesheet, you should be able to control it from the CSS unless they did something really odd. From what I've read, though, it sounds more like a function in the PHP side of things to compute the matching color. I could check into it if there was a really good reason to do so....

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