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    May I ask if there is someone on this forum that would help me design a blog suitable for my site. Though my site is a non-profit ministry (, I may be able to pay a small amount for the service. You can reach me at (email redacted)

    Many thanks,
    Tom Hohstadt




    Wrong site I’m afraid. Custom work would be best dealt with over on teh software site, not the hosting site.



    But isn’t he a blog?


    Yes, I have a blog–still working on it.



    you may want to post this on the wp-pro mailing list:



    What type of design are you looking for? I may be able to help you at least get started. You can purchase the custom domain if you are interested in a unique design. You can also purchase domain mapping. Then you can use for this blog.


    Thanks Brent. I wanted the design to match my site (–header and footer. The WordPress “Daydream 1.4” comes close, and may be acceptable. I write articles at my site and would like to invite “comments”–simply linking to my WordPress blog?–but without the feel that the reader is changing sites. Some kind of return link or “home” link back to would be helpful. I don’t need “about” or anything else (except an archive, perhaps). I’m willing to purchase the custom tools. By the way, I tried to download my blog into Microsoft FrontPage but was not allowed to. Brent, if you can guide me, do you want to share your email address? Thanks for anything and everything.


    Hello. Is my reply getting through? Please see my answer to your previous question above. If Brent is unavailable, I would be glad to talk to someone else. Thanks.



    Designing for profit isn’t something that we can discuss in the forums, sorry. If you leave your contact information for potential designers to contact you, that is fine, but discussing it the forums isn’t allowed. As well, sunburnkamel also gave a good idea as well with the discussion list for commercial projects:



    Oh, please don’t use Frontpage. I’m begging you. :(


    I apologize if I have misled anyone. My present goal is to design my own blog using WordPress tools. With your permission, may I ask the following 4 questions:
    1. Can I us the headers and footer from my own site?
    2. Can I link from my site to the blog and back again?
    3. Can I delete such things as the “home” and “about” buttons?
    4. What permissions do I need to work with the blog in Microsoft FrontPage?
    Thanks for your patience with me.



    If you already have a website (your username is linked to one instead of to your blog) then the question that arises is:
    Why don’t you download a free blog template from and include that blog in your website? tuns on different software than does, the policies and services are different too so the “Please read me first before posting” may be helpful


    Many thanks. I believe this is what I need.



    You’re welcome. :)

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