Help with date published not showing up-Kubrick theme

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    Using the Kubrick them – when you look at the posting it does not display the date when posted. Also, on the email (through wordpress blog subscription) it simply says, “New post on” and nothing else. Please note, when you first pull up the blog the date is displayed. However, when you click on a specific blog posting the date is no longer there.

    I have gone through every setting in the theme on my blog. I have the date set up properly – what is controlling this and how can I get the date to appear?



    I see dates on the front pagw. Example:
    Mistake? Is There Such a Thing???
    May 9, 2012
    I do not see dates when post titles are clicked and posts are displayed on their own pages.

    I have checked the live demo and that’s the way the theme is designed to function.



    ok – but this doesn’t answer why the date doesn’t show up on the emailed post. When you subscribe to the blog, an email is sent that looks like this in my inbox:
    [New post] Mistake? Is There Such a Thing???

    When you open it in the upper left hand corner it says ‘New post on’ but there is no date. I would show you a screen shot but can’t figure out how to get it into this reply box. thanks, ruth

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