HELP with deleted blog and trapped domain

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    Accidentally deleted my blog and now my domain, hosted by Fatcow, is unusable. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Which blog did you delete? What is the URL starting with http://



    Also what is the URL of the domain you refer to?


    the blog was and the domain is



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    i also purchased a custom theme that i now can’t use on my new wordpress blog.


    thank you. :)



    I’m sorry, deleted blogs can’t be restore. You can create a new blog at . After you let us know your new blog address I can move the domain mapping and premium theme upgrade to that blog.

    Note that the upgrades are registered under ‘joshualowemusic’, so make sure you’re logged in under that account.


    Thanks. My new blog is, can you move the domain mapping and premium theme upgrade to that blog? The theme is called Soundcheck.

    When you move domain mapping, does that release the domain that I own through FatCow?

    Thanks again!


    Member – has never been really trapped – your visitors have been sort of sent to a dead end

    When the domain mapping is transferred to AND you change the name servers at FatCow to point back to WordPress.COM – when people go to they will be sent to the content you will put on but they will see your custom domain name of

    Which means you will have a web site / blog back for


    thanks everyone. i’ll wait until the domain mapping and theme are moved over, then i’ll point to

    one more question. will my blog be hosted by or fatcow? if I want to add content, music and video, can I do it through fatcow? FatCow is where I want to host my blog. Do I need to transfer the blog contents from WordPress to FatCow? I’m a bit confused about this. I know if I use simplescript on FatCow to connect to a wordpress blog, I can host the blog on FatCow. But if I already have a blog on WordPress .com, how do I have it hosted on Fatcow instead? ahhh!

    Thanks again.



    With domain mapping to your and changing your name servers to WordPress.COM – you will be hosted on WordPress.COM with your domain name Registration at FatCow

    You will add content to the dashboard at but your visitors will see when they visit.

    You can move the content from WordPress.COM by exporting from here and importing to a WordPress.ORG install on FatCow – keep in mind that maintaining a WordPress.ORG install is more work

    If you are new to all of this the easiest is to host here while you get used to a blog –

    If you move to FatCow your custom theme will stay here – it will not transfer and you will need to find a new theme that you like –

    For more on the difference:



    Hi Joshua,

    Could you please reply back from the ‘joshualowemusic’ account? This way I can verify the ownership of your account and move the upgrade to your new blog.


    hi again,
    after the upgrades are moved to the joshualowemusicsite account, can you delete this account?



    The domain mapping upgrade has been moved to . The credits for your premium theme have been added to your account. Please use them to repurchase the Soundtrack theme:

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