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    Hi – I mapped my website and email to WordPress. For my e-mail I am still paying for the serive. I have had 12 conversations with hostway (former server) tech support yeaterday and still cannot figure out the DNS thing. Please help, I hm missing a lot of emails that i will never know of.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Please see here > setting up email with Google Apps


    I have my own email with my formal domain name. I wish to keep that. My former host said i need to “talk” to tech support here to understand how to get the custom DNS records. How do I do this? I have not reciebed email in over 48 hours. Not good!



    The link TT gave you is the solution. itself doesn’t have mail servers.


    Thanks I will give it a try . let’s hope it works! :)


    Still very confused by all of this. It now tells me I will have to wait up to 48 hours so they can verify my account. It is also asking if I want ot set up “g-mail” accounts. I just want to be able to get my elmails.

    Any suggestions?



    Those are the only instructions.


    Will I ever be able to get my old email? I still do not understand how to do this?

    Do I have to wait 48 hours to set it up?



    No, you don’t have to wait. Go through all the steps; you don’t have to understand them in order to make them work. And Sunday is probably the best day to do it, as it’s unlikely you’re going to get many emails on Sunday.


    Perhaps you can still help me here. I want to be able to use my email: (email redacted) that I have had for the past 10 years. It is my consulting business account and I get improtant email on it every day. I will never know what emails I missed over the weekend.

    When G mail says “Set up G mail Accounts for your business” are they talking about setting up a gamil account (which I do not need) or are they talking about setting up my old account.

    sorry for being suvch a pain in ath ass. I have spent about 12 hours on this this weekend. Trying every thing. at least 10 phone calls to my old providers tech support, etc.



    You NEED a Gmail account otherwise you will never get your email. The Gmail is just the framework that makes your email work, since itself does not have mail servers; it uses Gmail’s servers. Set up a Gmail and then you can get the email address you want to forward all its emails into the gmail. That is how this works.


    OK, It’s working. A BIG THANK YOU to you guys!!!

    But…I have a couple of questions before this is resolved.

    1. I am assumining I no longer need to pay my old server the monthly fee for my email and can drop my account with them?

    2. Outlook is no longer working. Any advice as to what needs to be reconfigured? That will be my project for tomorrow night.



    1) that’s correct

    2) you will need to connect your Outlook with your Gmail. Right now it’s looking back at your old mail server for your mail.


    Hopefully my last question….

    How does connect outlook with gmail?



    I’m afraid I haven’t used Outlook in more than a decade, but I’m sure Google will find you an up to date answer on that.



    You use Google Apps Sync for connecting Gmail to Outlook. Works like a charm:


    Thanks – I have tried several times and it does not work, let alone like a charm. It keeps saying “installation failed” any other iedas that might help?


    E-mail working. Out look migrated and up & running. Thank you all for you help! Case Closed!. EJS

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