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    Hi WordPress,
    I tried to register the name thisiswe, crazily enough it is already taken.
    However when i go to the site ( no one seems to be using it (still has the Hello World post and This is a comment etc.)
    and it was started in 2010 so I am assuming that it is no longer wanted?? (I also wonder if I myself started it 2 years ago and have forgot ;)
    How do I find out who owns it and if they want to keep it (I did post a comment but still says waiting moderation)?

    Is it doomed to forever sit in the dark halls of forgotten domain names?
    Please help I really need this domain name.
    Thanks a bunch.

    Zoe x

    Note: *Yes I can buy the .com, .org which I will do though I wonder if having a dead WordPress site of the same name won’t be confusing.



    There is no requirement that anyone uses a blog they register here. Staff will not snatch it back from the member who registered it and gift it to another member.



    I also forgot to say that Staff will not breach privacy and provide contact information either. If the person who registered that blog does not resopnd to the comment you submitted and does not agree to transfer it to you then you have reached a dead end. Unused Blogs


    thanks, no I never intended the staff to do either.
    I had just read other forums of people in similar situations being transferred the unwanted site form the owner of the domain to them.

    Thats all. Was hoping to possibly find them on here. I did leave a comment for them on the site and was really just wanting some helpful advice if there were any other avenues I didn’t know about…. did not intend to upset or seem ‘snatchy’.

    Thanks for your reply,

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