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    Hello! This is the information I received from my email and web host site (, regarding the DNS records I require to properly set up my email.

    CNAME Record:
    MX record:

    However when I try to update this information when I am adding an email address on the DNS records page, I keep getting errors.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks so much!



    Ok. So I fiddled around with the syntax of the CNAME and MX record and finally got a message after clicking “Validate Without Saving” and then clicking “Save DNS Records” of “New DNS Records Saved”. Which I think is quite encouraging. :)

    Now how do I know if this has worked? Just keep sending test emails for the next 72 hours and seeing when the email works?




    Ok. Now when I send a test email to (email redacted), I get an error message right away, telling me that the email address does not exist.

    Help please!!! No idea what to try now.

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