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Help with Flickr widget/copyright claim

  1. I have a very angry Flickr user who is sending me lots of ranty emails and comments.
    Basically, my blog uses the Flickr Widget to display 4 constantly updating thumbnails linked back to Flickr, that are tagged "insect":
    As best I can tell, this is perfectly consistent with both the instructions on for using the widget on a public search/feed.

    Complainer-dude's photos are marked copyright protected; but they are labeled for display in a public search (which is why they show up in the tag search.) He is enraged that a thumbnail of his work showed up for (maybe?) 5 minutes at my blog, and sent traffic to his page via a link on the widget. He claims I have violated his copyright.

    Who, exactly, is the "author" of the widget, so I can direct this guy somewhere constructive for all his complaining?

    (I've already explained, several times, with links, that he needs to change his Flickr privacy settings if he doesn't want anyone to see his photos; you can see the less alarming of his comments here: )

    Help? I'm about ready to remove the widget just to make him go away, but I don't like being intimidated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Done! (although I didn't know that marking it public meant that it showed up on the forums. Sorry about the double post--feel free to delete this).

  3. Interesting topic. Hope you don't mind if I following this in hopes of seeing WP's decision on this.

  4. WP says it's ok; dude still loosing it. He just compared me to a pedophile taking children's photos.

  5. Thanks for the update.

  6. But he hasn't called you a Nazi yet, so it's not over.

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