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    Hi there, I’m totally new to CSS and have no time to decipher how it works. I only bought it because I want to change the colour of fonts in my blog. I would appreciate if anybody here could give me a hand as I’m starting to regret to have spent 20 quid on it… Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Also note that this theme has bee CSS editied by many bloggers and you may find the answer to your question by searching forum threads >


    This depends on which theme you’re using and what font colors you would like to change. Each theme is unique. It’s possible for different themes to have various color settings for different fonts. I checked and I see that it is currently using the Chunk theme. Here are some examples for how to change some of the font colors in that theme.

    This will change the body color for any fonts that don’t have a more specific color setting in the theme’s original CSS:

    body {
    	color: red;

    This will change the left side comment link color and the hover color for other text in that area:

    .hentry .entry-meta .comments a,
    .hentry .entry-meta a:hover,
    .hentry .entry-meta .cat-links a:hover {
    	color: red;

    This will change the hover color for links in the content area including post title hover color on the home page:

    a:hover {
    	color: red;

    This will change the footer link colors:

    #footer a {
    	color: red;

    You can adjust the color names to your liking.

    If you want to change out all of the teal colored links, what you could do is search the original stylesheet for the theme for any place the #36bcab color code is used, copy those rules into your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page, and adjust the color for them there.

    Some themes are easier to change colors in compared to others. It really depends on which theme you’re using and exactly what you’d like to change.

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