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    I commented on this article last month
    to get some help with making a new footer for Suburbia theme but my comment is still awaiting moderation and have had no reply. Is there anyone who can help me?

    Have tried
    #footer {visibility:hidden;

    etc but nothing works and am not sure how to make a new footer?

    Would really appreciate the help! Thanks,

    The blog I need help with is



    You do understand that removing the footer is against the terms of service and can get your blog suspended?


    Yes I do know that.

    As per the article I posted, I don’t want to completely remove the footer but replace the existing one with a personalised footer. That’s why I said I want to make a new footer, not just remove it.


    You may not remove the footer and replace it, but your can add text before or after the footer credits line. Here’s an example of placing some text after the footer in the Suburbia theme:

    .footer p:after {
    	content: " New text goes here.";

    The article you mentioned suggests removing the footer credits, however, that is against the Terms of Service. I have emailed the site owner and asked them if they could please update their article.


    Thanks for the help but the article very clearly states that you need to replace the footer with a new one and always credit wordpress, so I don’t know why you keep going on about something everyone already knows and is bearing in mind!


    The article is gives advice that breaks the Terms of Service and is grounds for banning your site.

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