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    apologies if this is a repeat topic but I’ve had a search and none of the solutions I’ve seen for similar problems seem to work…

    Basically, when I’m writing a post (I use visual editor – am not tech savvy enough for html), any line breaks I put in on either side of an image disappear when I save and the images and words all end up next to each other. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I use ‘enter’ or ‘shift+enter’ either.

    (I’m using the Pressrow theme and Safari as my browser if that makes any difference…)

    How do I stop this happening?


    The blog I need help with is


    If you use left or right alignment for the image, then text and other images next to it will wrap around it. The editor is very strict with white space, so if you add extra white space it will get collapsed.

    One way to work around that in the visual editor would be to set the image alignment to none or center.



    thanks for advice. will try and report back.
    In meantime, am forced to ask why is WP so strict with white space?
    Is it a bug? Does it cost more to host whiteness? Surely I should be able to choose structure of my own posts? Am confused by what purpose of this could be…?



    Pressing return in the visual editor gives a line break plus a blank line. If you want a line break only, you press shift-return. In the HTML editor, pressing return once gives a line break, pressing it twice gives a line break plus a blank line. If you want more blank space between paragraphs, you cannot do it by pressing return repeatedly. Read more here > Formatting text pt. 1: blank lines, alignment, wrap-around, two columns



    Further.. this fixes loss of line break after a picture but not before.
    Any text I write below an image now stays put but if I have text, then some space, then an image, I still lose the space in between when I save. :(

    Is better but not brilliant and doing another search of forums, it seems like an awful lot of people have the same problem and find it very frustrating.

    Dear WP site buildy-tech-people, could this perhaps be something you address sometime? pretty please?



    thanks timethief, however, it’s not that i’m losing multiple line breaks, it’s that I lose ALL line breaks; ie the images end up side by side.

    However, the centring thing does seem to resolve at least downwards formatting.

    Will be very brave and attempt html editing solution in your link and hope for best.

    Thanks for advice!! :D


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    Is this your blog?
    We nearly always need a link, so please provide it whenever you ask questions in these forums.

    It sounds as though you are having difficulty with the combination / interaction of text and images and not with with black lines between paragraphs.

    Keep in mind that html is not a word processor, not a graphic design system, nor a publishing program.

    But you can place images in various ways. When you insert a picture, you can choose how you want the pictures to align in relation to the text:
    none, left, right, or center.

    Your post “Trip to Morocco. Part Two: Essaouira”
    The picture with the caption “Inside Dar Afram”
    That picture is set to align “none” so it’s on the left with no text next to it.

    Same post, the image with the caption, “Sunset over Essaouira”
    That picture is set to align right. It is on the right with text wrapping next to it on the left.

    Same post, the image next to the paragraph with “Unfortunately I only had theā€¦”
    That picture is set to align left so text flows around it on the right side.

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