Help with getting my domain name back to usual

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    My mapping isn’t working – not sure why – can you please advise what is wrong with changing the to my paid domain name of please?


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    Hi there,

    According to the registry data available right here:

    Your domain expired on 2013-04-27. You will need to log in with your domain registry and renew your domain. Once you’ve done so, you can point your domain’s nameservers towards our servers at:




    And within 1 to 48 hours your site should come up just fine!



    Sorry for this – for some reason it was a lot easier before and my domain was working fine before – I am registered with 123-reg and the domain is mine – do I need to do domain mapping here on WordPress to or the other way around – can I be a real pain and ask for a step by step guide.

    Apologies again and thanks for all your help.





    Hi there,

    Your domain is already mapped here with, as it needs to be. Everything here is setup correctly.

    There are two things that are incorrect about the current situation:

    1. The domain has expired with 123-reg.
    2. Because the domain has expired, the nameservers (which point the domain at your site with are not the correct ones.

    To fix this, you will need to contact 123-reg and renew your domain. Once you have done so, you will need to point your nameservers to’s nameservers, which I included in my original post. The folks at 123-reg should be able to help you out with how to do that!



    Thanks for this – I spoke to them as the site name has been renewed, they say they are feeding back to WordPress so hopefully should all be fine within 48 hours.




    Excellent! I’m glad it worked.

    Have a great weekend!

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