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    I am using the Modularity Lite Theme. Everytime I try to upload a header it cuts off half of my image. It allows me to crop it, however the box that comes up for me to use to crop it only lets me shrink the box to make the image smaller,it doesnt let me make it larger. I cant stretch it out to show all of my image. I have a logo I am trying to upload for now as the header. It says ” images of exactly 950 x 200 pixels will be used as-is. ( Not sure what that means) but why will this not work? My logo that I ‘m trying to use is already long and stretched out so It should fit it. How can I fix this so that all of it shows ?

    ( My page is currently set to private unless , however certains Mod’s can see it)

    The blog I need help with is



    How big is your image? It always works best if you upload it the exact size it should be.


    When I go to where I store my Logo’s at on my computer and hover my mouse over the logo, it shows Dimensions 500 X 201, size : 65.5 kb.
    Is that what your talking about?


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    Hi mistyhillphotography
    You need an image editing program, such as photoshop to make your image exactly
    950 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
    500 pixels wide by 201 pixels high is not the correct size.

    You must make it 1 pixel shorter, and add some white space on either edge.
    Add 275 pixels to the right and 275 pixels to the left side of your image.

    950 – 500 = 550 (your logo needs space to make it wider)
    550 รท 2 = 275 (if you want your logo centered with white on each side)


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    The crop function for the header image has been unreliable (broken) for a long time:
    your picture must have the correct width to height ratio, and the required dimensions or you won’t see your image properly.


    @ tess
    I have photoshop ! I just havent learned to do everything in it yet. I have been trying to learn LR first.
    Do you by chance know the step by steps to adjust the size in Photoshop ?



    You alter image size in Photoshop with Image -> Image Size.

    However what your image needs is length adding. Obviously without seeing it it’s not possible to comment on if you should add it on one side or both, but you use Image -> Canvas Size to do that.

    Once you’ve added the extra canvas it will have a sort of chequered pattern. Select the Paint Bucket tool, make sure you have the right colour set and click in the chequered bits and it will fill them with your chosen colour.

    If you are still not sure, the Photoshop help is good though if you are on a very old version you might find yourself having to ‘translate’.

    If you want a transparent area in your header image, it has to be a PNG of exactly the right size:


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