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Help with header wanted only on main page, page color not bg, child theme

  1. I have a few things I want to do and I am in much need of guidence. Tutorials haven't shown answers or worked so well for a few things which I am hoping I can be helped with here.

    1. I have an image uploaded for my header, but I only want it on the home page. How to I change that so it doesn't show on the other pages?

    2. I have an image that is my photography logo. I would like to keep the header image I currently have on my page, but above it have my .jpg/.png logo, but it only shows the option for one image, and text above. How can I fix this? I tried to just add the image I have as a header now, into the body of my page so I could use the header upload for my logo... but it just doesn't look right.

    3. I looked at tutorials and they said to create a child page if I wanted to make changes to my theme. Which I want to (A.) Change the color of my pages, not the background. (B.)Center my links. and a few other things. When I go to my themes and activate the child, I get a grey page with links. I do see an editor in my dashboard to modify the code but everyone says dont use it because any updates might rewrite what you do.

    I am using the standard twentytwelve theme. I host through godaddy and calling them they had no true answers for these issues and I was directed here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The blog you specified at does not appear to be hosted at

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  3. Hi Michelle,
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