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    i KNOW this topic has been covered, i’ve read through the posts, but i’m still having a challenge.

    i just added a page to my blog – it is a set of directions i want to link to – but i don’t want it to show up as a tab in my header. i am pretty sure that i did this last time by making the page a “child” of a “parent” page, then excluding it in my sidebar. i could view the page, copy and paste the link into my blog – so it could be viewed.

    BUT — i just added the page, and when i click on “view this page” it just takes me to the parent page – with NO sign of my directions page. i tried clicking on the page {i hadn’t excluded it yet} on my sidebar and again, it just takes me to the parent page.

    the page is saved and shows up with my other pages when view them, but i can’t seem to view the actual page!

    my blog is and my directions page is titled “life is good” and is under my “contact me” page.

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m no expert on child pages, etc, but it seems to me if you hide it in your header by making it a child page AND you exclude it from your sidebar, not every theme includes a link to all sub-pages. You can, of course, just add one to the page by typing and adding a link as per usual. You may wish to hide it in your header but allow it in your sidebar.


    You’re getting that problem because the permalink of that page is (apparently you forgot to add a title before publishing the page, so the system added that number). BlogURL/parent/N means Nth page of “parent” (when you’ve used the nextpage tag to split a page into a sequence of numbered pages), so in your case it leads nowhere. Edit the child page to change the permalink to anything other than a plain number (click the “Edit” button next to the permalink below the title box, change the editable part, click OK, click Update Page).



    thanks! that took care of it, i didn’t know it would do that! i just thought a page number was “assigned” to each page – now i see where to edit it.

    NOW – i can’t remember where to get the “page id” to exclude the sub page from my sidebar


    Pages > Edit: hover over title, check the number shown at the end of the permalink in the status/progress bar of your browser.



    got it! thanks again for the help!


    But, as raincoaster said, if you exclude that child page from your sidebar, you’ll have to add a link to it on the parent page.



    i was having trouble because the address was not showing up in my browser, not sure why.
    i’d read the “hover” directions, but it wasn’t working.

    but i clicked on the page and got the id from the link in the browser.

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