Help!! with html not showing up!

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    I copied and pasted the html from FeedBlitz for the Subscribe me form into a new page….tried everything! into the html section/directly in the editor, and every time it shows up as:

    Enter your Email

    Powered by FeedBlitz

    …instead of showing the form that it is supposed to show. I did the same procedure for my own art journal…and it worked fine 1st time.

    What am I doing wrong?
    I haven’t gotten any response through feedback.

    Also- can’t create any new roles- users, authors etc…they just don’t show up- like they disappear.



    Here’s another thread about feedblitz that might help I think:

    Also- can’t create any new roles- users, authors etc…they just don’t show up- like they disappear.

    I don’t know. Hopefully someone else will see this and try to help you.



    Forms are stripped due to security concerns.

    As Nosy has mentioned, this has been discussed before. That’s probably why you didn’t get a return from staff as this information is already in the forums. Heck, that’s probably how Nosy found it. :)

    And you need to tell us specifically what you are doing to create a new user on your blog for us to help you.


    Ok, Thank you.

    We are a company that helps NW artists get thyeir work seen and sold to corporate and design pro’s in the NW.I am trying to create a sign-up page for our artists, so they can all recieve the updates and new posts in their email, and add to the resources for artists etc.. I signed up to Feedblitz to help us do that, and it worked fine on my personal wordpress journal…at my website.

    How can I add users/authors etc? I couldn’t find info on this, I’m sorry. Does WordPress itself offer an html register-with-wordpress form that I can add to my page to facilitate getting our artists to sign up?

    After they are registered, then they will show up as subscribers, right?

    I appreciate the help- and love what you are doing here. I’ve just been using computers etc for under 3 years, still learning!



    dashboard -> users and fill in the appropriate information specifically look here



    The can register themselves on the main website. If you just want them to have an account and not their own blog, make sure that choose that option. Once they’re signed up, you can add them into your blog by inputting their email address at Dashboard -> Users -> Authors and Users.

    Your best bet for the “form for signing up” is just to create a text widget on your blog, probably near the top, linking them to the signup form.

    Hope this helps,

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