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Help with HTML5 and IE8

  1. OK, I tried to resolve this issue in another post and I couldn't. Without being an expert I think I detected the problem.
    If you go to my blog you'll see that I have isolated every post targeting the <article> tag with CSS (actually the .post class within), applying the following rules:

    body.home .post {
    background:url('') no-repeat 450px 0;
    border:#EB8921 solid thick;

    That is how I created the whites boxes with the orange border and I apply margin in order to separe them. Now, everything looks ok in Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and IE9, but with IE8 and older it's a disaster. If you try to see my site in IE8 (you can do it online in the box doesn't get displayed, only the top border and a chunk of white. If you try it in Compatibility Mode, a bunch of white boxes show up for each line of text.

    I blame the HTML5 tag <article> for this, because if you click in categories or archive, you will notes that I've targeted the #content div. It works in in IE8, but I can't isolate each post the way I want to. Ufffffffff....

    Finally, my question: Is there a way that I can make my design works the way I want to?... Is there an alternative for creating that effect without targeting the .post class? Or, Is there a way to force IE8 to read the <article> tag?...

    I know is a complicated question, mostly because of my english. I hope you can help me guys..... The SacredPath tried it.....he said that maybe DesignSimply could see things in another way... Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


  3. I've noted that you put the code for dealing with IE8 and older in your HTML5 code... so, I have no clue!!!! PLEASE!!

  4. Hang tight. :) I don't have IE8 readily available for testing right now, but I'll see what I can dig up.

  5. I'm sorry but I can't help with CSS editing and Staff do not appear to be available at this time to help you. Please be patient while waiting for their help.

  6. I will... thanks!

  7. I found IE8! Ohhh. Needs testing.

  8. yayyy!!... Yes... I'm breaking my head trying to figure what is going on. And I don't wanna give up my design because this is my first design that actually looks like a webiste that is not from the 90s

    I have my eyes in that <article> tag.... But I don't understand why is not working.... this problem is beyond my my knowledge..

    Thanks DesignSimply.... I hope you can help me....

  9. There's good news and bad news.

    The good news is your site looks great in modern browsers. The bad news is that using a theme that is HTML5 like Toolbox means that not all things are equal in outdated Internet Explorer browsers like IE8.

    I think the main problem in the case of is that it uses a new HTML5 tag <article> and IE8 doesn't support that tag yet, and that's why CSS like background isn't working on it. In the case of Toolbox, the "post" class is setup on the <article> tag.

    If you want something that's backwards compatible with old versions of IE, a theme like Sandbox might work better. Although I hate saying that since I see the work you've put in to using Toolbox! Another option might be to encourage Internet Explorer users to upgrade to the latest stable version of their browser, which is currently version 9.

  10. I did look into this for a while! I'm sorry I couldn't find a better workaround with your current code! :(

  11. Well Thank you so much..... I guest I'm going to trust that most people will have a moder Browser.... or I'm gonna put a little sign that says please use IE9 o whatever...

    Thanks for your time!!! Have a good one!

  12. Oh hey, I've also just found some Toolbox IE specific ids that may help. You can target IE8 specifically, and so it can help make it at least a bit more readable than it would be otherwise. Here's an example:

    #ie8 #content {
  13. no way!!! I'll try it right now!!... Where did you find those specifics?..

  14. YOU DID IT!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH....YOU ROCK!!....

    Thanks to the SacredPath for trying.... This post is solved!!!!

  15. OMG!, from not be able to make it work in IE8... Now the site works perfectly in IE10, IE9, IE8 and IE7...

    Muchas Gracias!!!

  16. Right on. :)

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