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    Hi, I was able to easily type hyperlinks into my posts on my site. Unfortunately it’s not working with WordPress – – – I type in the < a href (etc. etc.) business BUT THE HYPERLINK WON’T SHOW when I publish, and when I go back to edit it, there is no evidence that I ever typed in the HTML stuff in the first place. Are things done differently with WordPress????? Educate me please!



    Hi ya…

    There are a couple ways to add hyperlinks. When composing a new post, type in the text you want hyperlinked, highlight it and click on the Insert Link button. Like this:

    -> (highlight text)
    -> (hyperlink button)

    That will give you this options window and a spot to type in or paste in your desired URL:

    -> (optioos window)

    And there you are…a new link:

    -> (new link)

    Another way to do it is to click on the Edit HTML Source button:

    -> (HTML button)

    That will allow you to edit on the HTML level:

    -> (options box)

    Just type in your standard HTML and hit the “Update” button to flush it to your post.

    Those are the two ways I know of. Hope that helps. Cheers. :-)



    wow thanks!

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