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Help with images zooming when I don't want them to...

  1. Images are suddenly zooming on scrolling / rollover when I upload them to Woolwinding for a new post. What have I done, and how can I stop it happening?

    (It's not happening to all images, but the ones which are affected seem to have have nothing in common)
    Blog url:

  2. I'm not experiencing that on your blog. Have you tried disabling your browser add-ons and extensions?

  3. So far I've not published a post in which it happened; it's happening when I'm writing or editing a post, and makes it very difficult to tweak the images once they're uploaded.. I'm wondering if one of the images I downloaded was dodgy in some way - but it doesn't seem to be affecting my other blogs at all.

    Having said that, I did look at the code for an old post in the 'edit post' screen, and one of the images there started zooming in a way it hadn't before, and now appears on the blog larger than it originally was - the first image here: (yes, I know it's insane)...

    Have tried browser tweaks. It's the same situation on Safari and Chrome, not tried IE.

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