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    Need help … started with a site about 10 days ago that used my name. Then, for a variety of reasons, wanted to be anonymous instead so started a 2nd site. The 2nd site is not getting indexed by google. Tried as best as I could (understand) to verity the site, etc. but am at a roadblock.

    original site –
    new site –

    The new site is verified when I check on google webmaster tools but I’m not even sure how / where to place the meta tag or html code so that I can get analytics to work.

    Any insights into 1) how to make google aware of the new site and 2) where to place the meta tag or html for analytics is appreciated.

    I think the problem is probably with the original/root site not allowing the new site to be discovered but not sure what i can do about tis.

    I am not very tech-savvy so even the FAQs can get a bit much.
    Not even sure how to check which wordpress version I’m using – yikes.

    Thanks in advance.



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    The box did not allow me to type in the blog information which is



    1) wait. Google will find your blog.

    2) You can’t use Google Analytics on a blog. All blogs have blog stats built in.


    So the first site I created has no effect on the second?

    Mahalo … will be patient and see what happens.



    @tellyworth (Key Master)

    the fact number 2 –
    i found that when i insert Google Analytics Plug-in into my blog, this will conflict when i click on “Insert an Image” button. So i troubled with that for a while but finally i found it by deactivating that plug-in.


    For indexing i answered at [url=]there[/url]




    may be you are mistaking blog with blog?


    1) like tellyworth said .. wait ..
    2) go to wp-admin/tools.php you can add verification meta data there.



    All is well … I must have been too impatient.
    Thanks to all for their time.



    This post may be helpful. It contains 10 tips for expediting the indexing process.

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