Help with integrating a WordPress blog into an existing site

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    I have a site – – and I am looking to take one of my existing sections (pages) and making it a WordPress blog. I have WordPress installed on my server, but now I’m a bit overwhelmed by integrating it into the site with my existing site design. I am not a coder, the site was designed/coded by someone else, I am only capable of basic changes in Dreamweaver.

    Looking through the WordPress documentation it discusses adding a header, changing color…. I’m not sure how that will integrate it with a seemless look with my existing (CSS based) site. Is it possible to ‘drop’ WordPress into an existing, already designed and integrated page? If so is there a somewhat accessible tutorial out there to help guide me through the steps.




    At we run on different software than that which you have downloaded. Here we provide support only for those with blogs hosted by The forum for self hosting bloggers and for bloggers hosted by anyone other than is here


    HTH :)

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