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    Im working on my blog, still pretty basic and im using the theme Colinear.

    On the top header menu i have 5 topics, for example (these are not my topics , but just to be simple with the example i will say it like is a blog of NEWS)


    So, i can put subtopics right? like in SPORTS:

    Im putting some post and i want them to show it in the topic or subtopic where they belong, but its not happening, All the post are being displayed in the topic HOME.

    So what i did was: i attached the post to one of the main topics in the menu pressing ” add menu item to children ” , The problem is that now they display like a SUBTOPIC, not just like a post if you press the MAIN TOPIC where the post belong.

    Example: if i put a post of “MANCHESTER WON 1-0 TO CHELSEA”, that post is show like a subtopic of SPORTS, and its not just display in the subtopic FOOTBALL

    There are many post that i want to put, so that’s why y don’t want them to show like subtopics or it will be a mess, and neither to show everything in the topic HOME, i want something different in every topic

    I don’t know if i can’t to this because of the Theme that i chose (COLLINEAR), or its because it is a free website or what

    Please HELP !!

    PS: Sorry if i made some mistakes , im from chile so my english its not perfect

    The blog I need help with is



    Please see my response to your duplicate topic (plus an additional paragraph), Help with the entrys and main menu.

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