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    I posted this a couple of days ago:

    and it was there, everything was fine. Today, however, the title is there, but the text is gone, “comments off”, I don’t know what this means or what to do. Please help!



    No Idea. You need to contact staff directly, since they may miss your forums post here.



    Here is the copy Google had in its cache:

    There is war in Iraq; there are thousands of people displaced by floods and earthquakes. So to what did the talking heads on the national news devote precious airtime last night?

    Tiger Woods’ fucking knee surgery.

    Honestly, does anyone really give a shit about this, other than Tiger and his immediate family and friends? Obviously I don’t wish the guy any harm – but do we really need, as a nation, to hear about it?

    It reminds me of back in the 80s, when I was a kid watching Live Aid and I was SO excited to see U2’s performance – which was then interrupted by news of Ronald Reagan’s colon polyps, reported in excruciating detail. Two words – justifiable homicide.

    And anyway, golf is a bullshit “sport” anyway. Sure, I used to go the driving range as a teenager and whack at a bucket of balls, but to devote thousands of acres of prime real estate and even more countless thousands of dollars to the hitting and following and hitting again and following again of some little white ball? Elitist, pompous, self-important white-guy bullshit.



    Raincoaster, thanks for the effort, but that’s a different post. Ah well. I’ve decided to unpublish said post and try to retrieve it from my memory at another time.

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