Help with making my "sticky" sidebar static! (Floral Theme)

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    Hello — with the help of the WordPress CSS customization community, I was able to get “sticky” top navigation menu on my Floral Theme blog to remain static, but unfortunately I’m not having any luck getting my sidebar widgets to do the same using similar CSS.

    I’d like the sidebar to stay put when visitors scroll down so it doesn’t scroll with them.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, due to the way that Floral is structured, setting the sidebar to fixed would require changes to other elements, which would break the theme and require extensive modifications.

    Also, the sidebar moves down below the content at 1024px so that your content stays prominent on smaller screens (tablets and phones), so if we could, we would only be able to “fix” the sidebar in place for screens/windows 1024px or wider.

    Currently I’m not seeing your top menu as fixed in position. Static is a default for the position declaration and will not “fix” the menu to the top of the screen, it has to be
    position: fixed;

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